Transforming care for billions of people living with chronic diseases

通过mg游戏大厅在mg游戏大厅方面的工作, mg游戏大厅想要改变医疗保健, change the lives of billions of people for the better and address some of the biggest healthcare challenges facing humankind. There remains a huge unmet need in treating people with chronic diseases. Our ambition is to stop the progress of these often degenerative, 使人衰弱和危及生命的状况. 让更多的人过上更好、更健康的生活.


mg游戏大厅 is responsible for our key therapy areas of Cardiovascular, Renal & 代谢与呼吸 & 免疫学和疫苗 & 免疫疗法.

mg游戏大厅的mg游戏大厅R&D and Business Unit are unified in our approach to deliver life-changing medicines for people living with the most common chronic diseases.

We will achieve our ambition of transforming healthcare through our talented teams and partners using scientific, 医疗和商业创新.



Our science is changing the trajectory of care across chronic diseases.


In our aspiration to create the greatest and swiftest impact on disease, we are investing in four areas – enhancing our understanding of disease biology, 创造下一代的治疗方法, 更好地预测临床成功, and pioneering new approaches to engagement in the clinic and beyond.


揭开科学的神秘面纱, we are always searching for new knowledge and the next breakthrough. Our culture is a unique blend of inspiring people with curious minds, 利用数据和技术, 无缝、包容地工作, 总是向病人学习.


Our commercial teams are transforming how we bring products to market; engage with patients, healthcare providers and health systems; and deliver healthcare solutions that support them.


We are transforming patient experiences by leveraging data analytics, omnichannel方法, and go to market models that together help inform commercial strategies, 改善患者和医疗保健专业人员的体验, and match the evolution of local healthcare ecosystems and channel preferences.


The delivery of highly valued market access solutions unlock the potential of our life-changing medicines for patients. We are also integrating science with real-world practice to generate and communicate compelling medical evidence to evolve treatment landscapes and improve care for patients.


We are enabling the best people to help shape the future of healthcare.

We continue to create a business and culture that attracts and retains the best, 最有才华和奉献精神的人, giving them the resources and support to push the boundaries and go beyond the ordinary to help improve billions of lives.


If you believe in the power of what science can do and want to help us change the lives of billions of people for the better and address some of the biggest healthcare challenges facing humankind, 加入mg游戏大厅.



mg游戏大厅知道,无论mg游戏大厅的科学多么创新, 不管mg游戏大厅的药物和输送多么有效, 要实现mg游戏大厅想要实现的一切,mg游戏大厅不能单独行动. 从药物发现合作到商业伙伴关系, we aim to create mutually beneficial partnerships founded on trust and transparency.

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