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Are you wondering whether your novel science or technology may be of interest to AstraZeneca?

Here is a summary of the key areas in which we are keen to explore collaboration opportunities.

  • Oncology

  • 心血管,肾脏和代谢

  • 呼吸 & 免疫学

  • 疫苗和免疫疗法

  • 精密医学

  • 支持技术


无论你在世界的哪个角落, we are interested in exploring leading-edge collaboration opportunities with you – across our main therapy areas and beyond. We carefully consider local medical circumstances and adopt a flexible approach that enables us to meet specific patient needs in key markets.

In China, 例如, we are exploring opportunities that support and enhance our existing commercial strength. mg游戏大厅的重点是R的合作机会&D到商业发射阶段, 在儿科等领域, nebulised, pulmonary, gastric, 心血管, 和中医.

In Japan, we are looking to collaborate with a range of experts to help transform medical practice and patients’ lives. We focus on opportunities at or near commercial launch stage in the areas of oncology; 心血管, renal and metabolism; and respiratory and immunology.

Our interest goes beyond pharmaceutical products to 诊断, devices, and 数字技术. We aim to work with a range of partners to build end-to-end patient solutions that help improve disease awareness, diagnosis, 治疗和治疗后护理. While these partnerships are designed to meet the unmet medical needs of local patients, 有些药物也有可能使全球患者受益.

利用mg游戏大厅的存在和影响力, mg游戏大厅还可以帮助您将产品在中国商业化, 日本等国际市场. 与中国国际金融公司(CICC), mg游戏大厅成立了MG游戏-中金医疗投资基金, a private equity fund that promotes the development of medical and healthcare innovation in China by investing in fields such as medicine and biotechnology, 诊断, 医疗设备和数字健康.  

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